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Garden of Roses

Flowerbed Specialist/

Garden Coaching

Garden Believer Flower specialists can personalize a design & install a beautiful curb appeal to your home.

We work with each client to get an idea of their budget, likes, and dislikes, and a sense of their style. Call or email for a free estimate today!

Indoor /Outdoor Plant Specialist

At Garden Believer, we believe all workspaces, small and large, can reap the benefits of indoor plants. Even desks can benefit from the addition of small indoor plants. Our Plant Specialist's creativity is not limited to space.

We can add standing indoor plant containers or table size plant containers to your space utilizing smaller-shaped plant species that offer a subtle touch of nature. We will recommend plants that will thrive indoors and enhance your space’s existing decor.

Our Plant Specialist will help you transform your interior with the healing powers of plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. The species of plants we use are hardy meaning they require little light and water to thrive.

Garden Believer also provides indoor plant rental services which include regular maintenance where trained plant care professional will visit your property and water your plants

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